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PremiSys® Fusion DOAS Improves Efficiencies, Reduces Sound in VRF Applications

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (link is external)  (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading marketer of advanced cooling and heating systems for commercial applications, introduces the PremiSys® Fusion Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) – a premier split-system solution for acclimatizing outside air for commercial buildings. 

PremiSys Fusion DOAS is a split-system consisting of a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) outdoor unit and an air handler. The system is designed to handle 100 percent outside air with energy recovery models. It offers an energy-efficiency improvement of up to 20 percent over a traditional dedicated outside air system. 

“The integration of Mitsubishi Electric’s VRF technology with the PremiSys DOAS allows PremiSys Fusion to deliver greater efficiencies and flexibility than previous models,” says Kevin Miskewicz, senior manager, commercial marketing, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. “The system incorporates INVERTER-driven compressors, which significantly reduce energy use, and provides building owners and managers with improved equipment operation, reduced noise and improved quality of outside air delivery.”

PremiSys Fusion DOAS is the latest innovation among the Mitsubishi Electric dedicated outside air systems. The two models – MPF-1 and MPF-2 (a split-system with energy recovery) are pre-engineered to provide semi-custom flexibility. Heating options include modulating gas heat, electric and hot water coils. 

PremiSys Fusion DOAS not only offers improved efficiencies, but building owners can also save on operating costs. The use of an INVERTER-driven compressor in the PremiSys Fusion DOAS allows the unit to better match the conditions of the targeted temperature and outside air – this technology results in significant energy reduction during mild and moderate months of the year. Other benefits include:

Equipment location – allows for a distributed load on the roof by separating the condenser from the dedicated outside air unit by up to 50 feet.
Humidity control – single refrigeration circuit provides directly proportional reheat to the entire cooling load, allows for room-neutral conditions, and humidity control.
Cooling capacity of 5 to 20 tons. 
Optional accessories include smoke detectors and condenser hail guards.
More information on the PremiSys Fusion DOAS can be found at (link is external).