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Addition of Multi-position Air Handler to Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Comfort System™

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 50 percent of average U.S. home energy bills can be linked directly to cooling and heating costs, which amounts to an average of approximately $1,000 per year. The right air-conditioning and heating system is the most significant way homeowners can bring that number down – ultimately by saving on utility costs throughout the year, and especially in the summer when cooling costs can soar. Mitsubishi  Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), America's No. 1 selling brand of ductless cooling and heating systems, has designed its Diamond Comfort System to create efficient, whole-home cooling and heating solutions, offering year-round comfort control room by room.

Maximum comfort doesn’t have to mean maxing out the budget. A Diamond Comfort System consistently uses 30 to 40 percent less energy than conventional HVAC systems. Individualized zone control allows homeowners to save money, while offering the flexibility to choose which rooms they want to cool and heat.

“Diamond Comfort Systems, particularly with the recent addition of our multi-position air handler option, represent a significant advancement in whole-home cooling and heating,” says Mike Smith, senior marketing manager, residential, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. “A single air handler with a Diamond Comfort System can not only provide conditioned air to an entire floor, but it can also offer individualized zone control – allowing our products to handle larger zoning needs, ranging from one room to an entire home at any time of the year.”

Homeowner Benefits of a Diamond Comfort System:

  • Personalized comfort: Ductless technology allows homeowners to choose the desired temperature in each of their zones (or rooms) with the ability to individually control the amount of air delivered to each zone. In effect, comfort in each space can be personalized.
  • Environmentally friendly: “We’ve been trained from childhood to turn off the lights when we leave a room to save energy; ductless zoning systems allow us to do this with cooling and heating as well,” says Smith. Not cooling or heating unused portions of your home means not using energy unnecessarily. Further, each unit uses the precise amount of energy needed to maintain the desired comfort level, allowing for a smaller and smarter environmental footprint.
  • Clean filtration: An anti-allergen filtration system built into the units reduces the allergens, dust, pollen, viruses and bacteria in the air your family breathes.
  • Quiet as a whisper: The system provides quiet operation for both indoor and outdoor environments. There’s no need for outdated, loud units that can be heard throughout the house. Remarkably, indoor fans operate quieter than a human whisper.
  • Invisibly working in your home: The new multi-position air handler is quick to install and easy to hide. It doesn’t conflict with the aesthetics of a home because it can be housed in a basement, closet, attic or other small space. With its quiet functionality and seeming lack of physical presence, you won’t even remember it’s there.

Diamond Comfort Systems are available now through Mitsubishi Electric distribution channels. Locate a contractor in your area and request a quote.