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Mitsubishi Electric Introduces Most Advanced Thermostat Interface for Ductless Market: Controls Residential, Commercial Air Handlers

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), North America’s leading marketer of advanced cooling and heating systems for commercial and residential applications, announces a new Thermostat Interface, PAC-US444CN-1. The Thermostat Interface allows Mitsubishi Electric systems to be controlled by third-party HVAC controllers. Using the Thermostat Interface, third-party HVAC controllers can take advantage of a Mitsubishi Electric system’s innovative features, including INVERTER-driven compressors in the outdoor unit. The Thermostat Interface is now available from Mitsubishi Electric’s distributor network.

The Thermostat Interface allows HVAC thermostats and input/output controllers to control either residential or commercial indoor units through its CN105 connector.  Any system that can be controlled by the MHK1 controller model, can now be controlled by a third-party HVAC thermostat or input/output controller.  

The Thermostat Interface offers a host of advanced features which allow for increased personalized comfort and control, including:Capabilities of the interface include geo-fencing, automatic scheduling, humidity control and weather forecasting.

  • Adjustable delayed off feature providing additional comfort by extending the run time of the indoor unit after the thermostat reaches set point. 
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Static pressure adjustable setting.
  • CN24 operation during defrost.
  • Fan speed during thermal off heating mode.
  • Two-stage heat and cool thermostat operation: Conventional 2H/2C system operation (preferred); Conventional 1H/1C system operation.
  • Auto recovery after power failure.

For more information on the Thermostat Interface, see the product launch guide here. The list price is currently available in the M- and P-Series and CITY MULTI® price lists.