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Hands Down: New Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel Is Among Quietest, Most Energy-efficient Hand Dryers on Market

Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric) announced the launch of the Jet Towel® new slim model (JT-SB116JH-G-NA), the first high-speed hand dryer to use two jets of air to dry hands in 10 seconds. The new Jet Towel is the eighth model from Mitsubishi Electric since it introduced high-speed hand dryers in 1993. It is among the quietest and most energy- efficient, high-speed, high-performance hand dryers on the market – and one of the only hand dryers to effectively capture excess water.

  • Quiet Operation: In head-to-head comparisons conducted by Mitsubishi Electric against competing high-speed hand dryers, the Jet Towel rates as one of the quietest dryers at 61 dB, while still featuring an increased air speed of 237 mph.

"When engineering the new Jet Towel model, it was important to increase the air speed in order to cut down on drying time," says Chuck Applebee, senior manager, Marketing & Engineered Solutions, Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division. "We also recognized that quiet operation is equally important, and we've achieved both goals with this model. Quieter operation makes this model ideal for noise-sensitive locations like libraries, museums and schools."

  • Energy Efficiency: Requiring only 1,250 watts to dry hands in 10 seconds, or 730 watts with the heater turned off, the Jet Towel's motor is up to 30 percent more efficient than other dryers in its class. Based on average electricity rates, the Jet Towel costs only $25 per year to operate. This is an approximate 98 percent cost savings over paper towels, with 85 percent less impact on the environment. At the Fifth Third Bank campus, Madisonville, Ohio, the Jet Towel reduced paper towel usage by 22 tons per year and saved 1,100 hours per year in janitorial labor, according to Scott Hassell, environmental sustainability program manager, Fifth Third Bank.
  • Unrivaled Cleanliness: With its trademark drain tank, the Jet Towel collects water from users' hands, creating a clean, safe and dry restroom environment. Because of this design feature, the National Sanitation Foundation certified the new Jet Towel for meeting its health and safety requirements. Competing dryers drain the excess water onto the surrounding walls and floors, creating water hazards and leaving water trails for bacterial growth. The new design of the Jet Towel is also tailored to align with a sink's countertop, decreasing the distance users must travel from the sink with wet, dripping hands.
  • Accessibility: At the recommended mounting height of 37 inches, the Jet Towel conforms to all ADA regulations for persons in wheelchairs and the visually impaired.

"The Jet Towel is a smart long-term investment for building owners and managers," says James Allard, president, Pac Arc, LLC, Seattle, the exclusive Jet Towel distributor in the U.S. "Most restrooms see a return on their investment within the first year, with higher- traffic restrooms shortening that time significantly. Based on the motor life of 3,600 hours, the Jet Towel will last for seven years at 400 uses per day. This return makes installing a Jet Towel a smart financial decision. National retail brands like Nordstrom and Mars Petcare as well as international airports in Denver, Minneapolis-Saint Paul and San Diego are already reaping the benefits."

The JT-SB116JH-G-NA Jet Towel operates on 115 volt, single-phase, 60 Hz power and is ETL listed for residential and commercial installation. To calculate the savings and impact of the Jet Towel on facilities, click here