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Mitsubishi Electric Unveils Modern, Sleek Cooling & Heating Options for Homeowners

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions™ and variable refrigerant flow cooling and heating systems, announces the release of new MSZ-EF Wall-mounted Indoor Units, as part of its new Designer Series, providing homeowners with options to truly personalize their comfort. 

The new Designer Series Indoor Units are perfect for the design-conscious homeowner. Highlighted by a stylish, slim build with beveled rectangular edges, the units come in three color options that can match any home’s décor: black, silver and white. The black finish exudes luxury, giving off a modern, sophisticated feel; the silver pairs well with sleek, stainless steel appliances; and the white’s minimalist elegance blends in effortlessly with light, modern interiors. With a refreshing appearance and color choices, the Designer EF Models are ideal for both new homes and high-end upgrades.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Designer EF Models are used in combination with the Diamond Comfort System™, providing maximum comfort to every zone (or room) in the house. A Diamond Comfort System gives homeowners the ability to choose their desired temperature for each zone, while consistently using 30 to 40 percent less energy than traditional cooling and heating systems.  Individualized zone control allows homeowners to save money, while offering personalized comfort in each space they want to cool or heat.

“Mitsubishi Electric has always prioritized the needs of homeowners, which are often comfort and energy savings, but now we can also reach those who want a beautiful room,” says Michelle Robb, director, residential marketing, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division. In addition to improved aesthetics, the new EF indoor unit pairs with Mitsubishi Electric’s multi-zone Hyper-Heating® INVERTER (H2i®) technology, which can deliver heat in even the coldest climates (down to -13° F).

To keep the home and family healthy, the new indoor unit also assists in providing better indoor air quality. The Electrostatic Anti-allergy Enzyme Filter catches harmful allergens and continuously circulates fresh air, while the Nano Platinum Filter kills bacteria and neutralizes odors. The washable and reusable filters have an extended lifespan, helping to save money on energy usage and reduce harmful environmental impact.

Other capabilities and homeowner benefits include:

  • Whisper-quiet Operation: Unlike old, outdated cooling and heating systems, these units offer quiet operation. Indoor fans function at a sound level lower than a human whisper.
  • Reduced energy waste: The weekly timer allows users to set up to four scheduling options to decrease the amount of energy being used in rooms that are not always occupied.
  • Intelligent Temperature Control: ECONO COOL is a temperature control feature that automatically adjusts airflow speed to maintain the desired level of comfort once it has been established.
  • Programmable Comfort: For an additional level of comfort control, Smart Set gives users the option to regulate multiple settings at once. The units are also compatible with Mitsubishi Electric’s wireless mobile app, kumo cloud™, which allows control of the system from virtually anywhere.

The MSZ-EF Wall-mounted indoor unit is available now through Mitsubishi Electric distribution channels. Locate a contractor in your area and request a quote.