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RapidHeat, Multi-flow Vane: New Technology Introduced in Mitsubishi Electric M-Series Upgrades

Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions™ and variable refrigerant flow cooling and heating systems, has added two new upgrades to its M-Series family – the MFZ-KJ floor-mounted indoor unit and the MXZ-C NA2 and NAHZ2 multi-zone outdoor unit models. Each of these units feature innovative technology that allows HVAC contractors to maximize their cooling and heating system designs, providing homeowners more savings and comfort.

MFZ-KJ Indoor Unit – Innovative and Stylish

A line upgrade from the previous MFZ-KA model, the new MFZ-KJ (pictured below) has a significant innovation in its RapidHeat feature. This technology efficiently circulates air to quickly raise room temperature during cooler months. RapidHeat technology uses the lower portion of the multi-flow vane to angle warm air into the return vent of the indoor unit, where it is re-circulated through the heat exchanger before being released into the room through the top portion of the multi-flow vane. This process significantly reduces the time it takes to heat the room, ensuring superior warmth and comfort.

HVAC contractors install the MFZ-KJ because of its Multi-flow Vane technology which provides improved air circulation. Drafty rooms can benefit from its ability to direct warm air upward and downward, helping to eliminate cool spots and more effectively heat the room (see diagram on page 2). This unique air circulation from Mitsubishi Electric is due to the dual vane technology that simultaneously directs air towards the ceiling and floor in a wide-angle distribution pattern. Options on the console also provide the homeowner preferential control of airflow with up to five fan speeds and a weekly timer.

The MFZ-KJ’s stylish, sleek panel suits a variety of home aesthetics with minimal obtrusion. The low-profile air inlet performs efficient cooling and heating, all with a contemporary look. There is also installation flexibility, allowing for the unit to be placed on or recessed into the wall. 

Other enhanced features of the MFZ-KJ from Mitsubishi Electric include:

  • Higher SEER (up to 28.5) and HSPF (up to 13) ratings than the nearest competitor
  • Operates with 25 percent less power than competing models
  • Even warm air distribution throughout after 10 minutes
  • Blue Fin coating on the heat exchanger, which gives increased coil protection for extended performance

“These M-Series upgrades deliver incomparable technological features and achieve industry-leading SEER and HSPF ratings. HVAC contractors can incorporate this system into the home to help the homeowner save on utility bills and experience maximum comfort,” says Michelle Robb, director, residential marketing, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. Cooling & Heating Division.

MXZ-C Outdoor Unit – Tough and Flexible

For complementing the MFZ-KJ indoors, HVAC contractors now have a durable heat pump ready for the task. The MXZ-C NA2 and NAHZ2 multi-zone outdoor units are built for the toughest environments. Outdoor units often risk becoming exposed to excessive air contaminants, which can impede operation performance. Additionally, standing up against extreme cold weather is not a challenge for the Hyper-Heating® option, MXZ-C NAHZ2 outdoor unit, which can deliver heat down to -13° F outdoor ambient temperatures, with 100 percent heating capacity at 5° F.

HVAC contractors will appreciate the application flexibility that the MFZ-KJ, and the MXZ-C NA2 and NAHZ2 offer for a variety of design demands and applications. The MFZ-KJ can function as a single-zone system or connect with the outdoor unit as a multi-zone system. An additional key product feature of the outdoor unit includes quiet outdoor operation as low as 49 dB(A).

More information on the MFZ-KJ, MXZ-C NA2 and NAHZ2 is available at