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Mitsubishi Electric VRF Y-Series: Intelligent, Energy-effective Two-pipe Cooling or Heating System

The Hyper-Heating (H2i®) INVERTER Y-Series PUHY units (pictured below) from Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric) combine the ultimate in application flexibility with powerful cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort control to multiple zones in a building.

"The Y-Series can cool or heat up to 32 zones and takes advantage of Mitsubishi Electric's INVERTER technology to provide the precise amount of cooling or heating to all zones. By distributing capacity from one zone of a system to another, the Y-Series consumes only as much energy as each zone needs, making it an energy effective solution to total comfort control," says Mike Smith, senior product marketing manager, Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating Division.

The perfect choice for year-round comfort in the coldest of climates, the H2i Y-Series units provide up to 100 percent heating capacity at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit and 88 percent capacity at minus 13 degrees Fahrenheit. The Y-Series uses a two-pipe system with a wide variety of indoor units and individual zone controllers to provide the ultimate zoning system.

The modular unit design features a small footprint, low operating sound, lightweight materials, and easy piping and maintenance design. Because of the compact design, the units can be transported through a standard six-person elevator during the building process, instead of being lifted onto the building's roof by a large crane. This translates to less money spent on labor and materials, quicker, easier installation and a much lower overall operating cost to the building owner.

The Y-Series works seemlessly with Mitsubishi Electric VRF variable capacity indoor units and simple DDC controls, all part of the CITY MULTI Controls Network (CMCN). The CMCN consists of remote controllers, centralized controllers, Building Management System (BMS) interfaces and integrated software. The CMCN provides advanced, user- friendly control for each zone of a building with options for individual or centralized temperature control.

The Y-Series supports ducted and ductless indoor units for versatile system design, according to Smith, and the Y-Series PUHY-P72 model can be connected to up to 13 indoor units. The Y-Series can distribute the capacity of the outdoor unit up to 130 percent and can be used with the Mitsubishi Electric R2-Series in the same building. Both versions can be tied together using the G-50A/GB50A controllers and monitored through the CMCN.